Russian Swear Words

Swearing can be a lot of fun! It can also be dangerous…but still a little more fun than dangerous! The Russian language is perfect for swearing. All you have to do is get that deep Russian voice (the I’m a badass and I know it voice).

This post has been updated just a tee bit for the new year. It is purely meant for fun. All of the words below are actually quite dangerous to use when speaking to a native Russian. When you visit a foreign country, you should have a kiss-ass attitude and be extremely polite. This means that the vocabulary below is out of the equation for use…unless someone really, really pisses you off.

So, I’m sure you’re here to learn some Russian swear words to say to your mom or something…so let’s get learning!

Note: In Russian there are a list of words that are called мат (mat) or ма́терный язык (maternyj jazyk). Some of the words below are on this list. You might find it interesting that some of the words below might land you in legal trouble, because using them may be considered disorderly conduct (mild hooliganism). Mat is also censored in the media.

Further note: I have added IPA transcriptions (in brackets []) of the words below, for those of you nerds that know IPA ;). I have kept the romanized Russian in parentheses for those of you that don’t know Cyrillic.

блядь[blʲætʲ] “whore”
(blyad’) Listen to блядь

Whore. That’s the basic translation of this word. It translates to “whore; bitch; slut; prostitute; promiscuous person.” It is also considered to be a general-purpose insult to anyone. So, if a guy pisses you off don’t be afraid to call him a блядь. It may also be used as an interjection or particle, in which it is often contracted to ‘бля‘ as in ‘Я, бля, три дня не пил!‘ “I didn’t fucking drink for three days!”

гандо́н[gɐnˈdon] “condom”
(gan-DON) Listen to гандон

Condom. Yes, this word is a vulgar term for a “condom” or a “rubber”, but it may also be used to call a person that. When referring to a human male, this noun casts that person as a “weak man” or an “asshole.”

дерьмо́[dʲɪrʲˈmo] “shit”
(der’-MO) Listen to дерьмо

This word translates to “shit.” Just as in English, it may be used as an exclamation: “Shit!” It may also be used to refer to things (as in “all of this shit”) or a person (“scumbag”, “piece of shit”). Another common word that carries the same meanings is говно́ [gɐvˈno] (gav-NO). Yes, that’s right, говно is also used to refer to the shit that comes from your ass, the shit in your floor right now, or that shithead of a friend…just like дерьмо :).

еба́ть[jɪˈbatʲ] “to fuck”
(ye-BAT’) Listen to ебать

This word is a verb, and it translates to “to fuck.” You might see it in the phrase: ‘Ёб твою́ мать‘ which is literally “(I) fucked your mother”, but carries other meanings such as “go to hell; fuck off; goddamn you.” You can also use this phrase as the equivalent to “motherfucking” as in ‘Переда́й ёб твою́ мать соль!‘ “Pass the motherfucking salt!”

жо́па[ˈʐopə] “ass”
(ZHO-pa) Listen to жопа

This word’s meaning is simple: ASS. It may be used to refer to the ass of a person (Подви́нь жо́пу! “Move your ass!”) or to a person who acts like an ass (i.e. an asshole; Не будь жо́пой! “Don’t be an asshole!”)

This word forms some other useful ones: жополи́з [ʐəpɐˈlʲis] (zha-pa-LEES) “asslicker”; жопоро́жец [ʐəpɐˈroʐɨt͡s] (zha-pa-RO-zhets) “assface”; жо́пошник [ˈʐopəʂnʲɪk] (ZHO-pash-nik) “faggot; bitch boy; asshole; dickhead.”

муда́к[mʊˈdak] “asshole”
(moo-DAK) Listen to мудак

This word carries the meaning “asshole”, “smart-ass”, “horse’s ass”, “pain in the ass”, “dickhead”. Such a lovely word… You might like to know that this word is derived from муди which means “testicles.”

пизда́[pʲɪˈzda] “cunt”
(pee-ZDA) Listen to пизда

This word translates to “cunt.” It most often refers to the female genitalia, known commonly as “pussy” or “vagina” (its technical term) in English.

срать[sratʲ] “to shit”
(srat’) Listen to срать

This word is a verb and it translates to “to shit.” It may also mean “to not care” or “to not give a shit” as in ‘Я срал на твои́ пробле́мы!‘ “I don’t give a shit about your problems!” / “I shit on your problems!”

су́ка[ˈsukə] “bitch”
(SOO-ka) Listen to сука

This word translates to “bitch.” It may be used with men too, in which it carries the meaning “scumbag.”

хуй[xuj] “dick”
(hooy) Listen to хуй

This word translates to “DICK.” Just as in English, it may refer to the male penis or a guy that acts like one (i.e. a dick). The beauty of this word is that it is used in various ways. You may use it as in ‘Соси́ мой хуй!‘ “Suck my dick” or in other ways ‘Иди́ на́ хуй!/Пошёл на́ хуй!‘ “Fuck off; fuck you (literally, ‘go on a dick’)”. You may also say ‘Мне по́ хую‘ which means “I don’t give a fuck.”

You might also like to learn the word ‘хуесо́с‘ [xʊjɪˈsos] (hoo-ye-SOS) which means “cocksucker.” Just like its English counterpart, it may translate to someone who actually sucks cocks or someone who is just an asshole or dickhead :).

Be careful!

Okay, you have learned a lot in this post! Now you just need to make sure that you use these words carefully. It’s perfectly fine using these words with people that don’t know Russian (thus they don’t know that you’re insulting them), but you must exercise caution when using them with someone that DOES speak Russian. You could end up getting your ass kicked…

Some other fun words:
гад [gat] (gad) “repulsive person; scoundrel; skunk; asshole; foul bastard”
дрочи́ть [drɐˈt͡ɕitʲ] (dro-CHIT’) “to jack off, to jerk off”
ёбаный [ˈjobənɨj] (YO-ba-neey) “fucking”
ёбарь [ˈjobərʲ] (YO-bar’) “fucker”
пе́дик [ˈpʲedʲɪk] (PYE-dik) “faggot; male homosexual”
су́кин сын [ˈsukʲɪn sɨn] (SOO-kin seen) “son-of-a-bitch”
хуёвый [xʊˈjovɨj] (hoo-YO-veey) “worthless; crappy; shitty”
шлю́ха [ˈʂlʲuxə] (SHLYOO-ha) “slut; whore”

Happy Russian studying! :) Follow my blog XD!!

14 thoughts on “Russian Swear Words”

    1. Well you could use several different words: Пошёл на хуй! (pa-SHOL NA-hooy) or Иди на хуй! (ee-DEE NA-hooy) for “fuck off” and блядь (blyat’) or сука (SOO-ka) for “bitch.”

  1. I’ve always thought that Russian is a cool-sounding language and have finally begun studying it by watching dashcam videos on YouTube. I felt a warm and fuzzy feeling when I recognized many words and phrases in this post.

    One word I’ve heard many times that I’m itching to use in traffic as soon as I find out what it means is “CHOO-bleh”. Would you happen to be able to decipher my highly technical phonetic script and tell me what it means? Thanks in advance [spasibo] and great post!

  2. Хахаха красавы учитесь а то я заебался ваш язык учить.Попробуйте перевести “Пяти лапый хуекрыл”

  3. My favorite Russian word is сволочь. It means scum, riffraff, rabble, even crud and assholes. All these words refer to groups of people acting in some criminal, destructive or injurious way(s).

  4. What does yoomat mean when I hear it I think Юмать but that doesn’t translate to anything it is used like ебаный yoomat

    And what does ебаный vvrode mean? I know вроде means kind or like but that doesn’t make sense

    1. It is Ёб твою мать (yob tvoyu mat’), it meansfuck your mother. The other phrase is `ёбаный в рот (yobanyi v rot), means fucked into the mouth

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